Frequently Asked Questions


Can I cook your pasta after the “Best Use or Freeze By” date?

We do not recommend consuming our product after this date unless the product was frozen on or before the best use by date. If you freeze the product, it will extend the shelf life for up to 1 month.

Can the gluten-free pastas be frozen?

We do not recommend freezing our gluten-free pastas. If they are frozen, there is a possibility that they will open up during cooking.

Is your packaging recyclable?

No, not at this time. Food safety is always our highest priority and laminate films allow us to deliver safe, quality food throughout the shelf life of our products. While this packaging is currently not compostable or recyclable, it is produced in a way that is much less impactful to the earth than the industry standard pasta tray.

Can I freeze the refrigerated pastas?

Yes. If frozen before the Best Use by Date, it will extend the shelf life for up to 1 month.

Can your pasta sauces be frozen?

Yes. Our Marinara and Pesto sauce can be frozen.


Can I cook the pasta if it’s been frozen?

Yes. You do not need to thaw them out. Simply add 1-2 minutes to the cooking time.

Is there a way to prevent the filled pasta from leaking?

To help prevent it from opening up, keep the water at a gentle boil. Stir gently. Be sure to scoop out the ravioli with a slotted spoon.

Is there another way to cook your pasta besides boiling?

Yes. You can pan sear our ravioli and tortellini or put it in the oven with sauce.


What sauces do you recommend to eat with your pasta?

We have a variety of pasta sauces that can be used on our pastas. It depends on your preference. You can choose from our Organic Superfood Pesto or Heirloom Marinara Sauce.

What’s the difference between tortellini and tortelloni?

They are both essentially the same thing. The only difference is the size. Tortelloni are larger than the tortellini.

Are your products kosher?

At this time, our products are not kosher.

Do your pasta products contain any tree nuts in them?

Our ravioli does not contain nuts nor is it made on the same equipment as nut products. Our pesto sauce does contain nuts.